About National Rock & Sculpture

With more than 38 years experience, National Rock and Sculpture (NRS) has the knowledge and the creative imagination to take any project from inspiration to conclusion. NRS began as a company dedicated to the conceptual design and development of themed environments. As a result of this extensive experience, NRS has developed signature elements for numerous resort hotels and waterpark complexes.

NRS prides itself on attention to detail, not only in the finished construction, but also during the design and development phase of a project. Whether your desired theme takes place in the jungles of today’s Africa or the ancient temples of the Aztecs, each project is meticulously researched to provide authenticity. Using this knowledge, NRS develops period elements that support the overall theme.

“A successful thematic environment sends a subtle yet impressive message to the guest. It says, “You can be comfortable here,” states Connie Kautza, Creative Maven and Project Lead. “Great design gives the guest a feeling of place; just the impression an individual or resort wants to communicate.” NRS works to make sure each project sends the right message.

The scope of services NRS can provide ranges from the design and construction of a 40’ mountain, to the theming of an entire lobby, or creating a total design for a waterpark complete with realistic foliage. If it can be imagined National Rock & Sculpture can build it.

Please take a moment to view our project galleries and discover the possibilities!