Getting Started

1 Consultation Calling National Rock at the beginning of the project provides you with unlimited design options. With NRS present at the planning stage, you are ensured that the construction and the design work together to produce a vibrant environment. Unique elements needing specialized construction elements can be planned and positioned for the greatest impact and cost savings. Up-lighting and down-lighting can be planned for the most dramatic statement, HVAC and themed elements can be harmonized together for an uninterrupted visual flow.

The option of front-end scheduling can also keep your project on schedule. NRS is also very experienced in theme design consultation after your construction project is underway. NRS can advise you on which theme design will be most effective within your existing construction plan. NRS can identify potential problems and offer solutions for a theme design that harmonizes with the unique characteristics of your floor plan.

Your Renovation Resource. NRS also has the expertise to retrofit a theme design in an existing building. This experience allows NRS to determine which themed elements can be constructed in your building and which elements will provide the most impact for your area.

2 Design Captivate the Imagination. National Rock’s design team can create a theme that will shape yours dreams into reality. To begin the design process, National Rock provides a free consultation to discuss your preferences, your goals and your project.

Great Design. Begins with Research. National Rock’s attention to detail is a result of meticulous research on the selected theme. Whether crafting a theme based on an old-time western village or creating a fictional fairy planet, each National Rock artist saturates themselves with in-depth period research. The incorporation of era appropriate props into the design helps guests to suspend reality and enter the world created for them.

Original Themed Elements. Individual features begin with unique hand-drawn creation with art concept developed by our talented artistic team. Each element is one of a kind and designed especially for your facility, making your themed environment unlike any other.

The Essentials. In our gallery, you will see many examples of National Rock’s theme design and construction applied to interactive play areas, lazy rivers, zero depth pools, activity pools, waterfalls and hot tub areas. NRS uses natural elements to create realistic environments.

3 Construction From start to finish, you are guaranteed rock solid consistency. Many times a great design fails to reach its full potential because of flawed construction. National Rock provides superior quality from conceptual design through construction. Each element is crafted and finished in painstaking detail to ensure the finished product reflects the approved original design.

“Details are the difference,” said Andy Kautza, president of National Rock & Sculpture, Inc. “Our sculptors pride themselves on creating the details that bring each element to life. We will insure excellent design does not become lost in the construction process. Whether you are creating a 30-foot tree or a six inch toadstool, National Rock will choose the best construction application.”

Based on the elements you choose, NRS will use either sculpted foam, sculpted concrete over a rebar armature or cast concrete. Whether you are creating a 30-foot tree or a six inch toadstool, National Rock will choose the best construction application.